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Mar 29, 2022

On today’s episode of Raw Data by P3 Adaptive, we welcome Allison Kennedy to the show. Allision is a Certified Microsoft trainer and MVP specializing in Excel but, according to her, that just means that she is a puzzle solver, number cruncher, and an Excel aficionado. Allision is one of the rare data gene types who loves teaching others to embrace their data for the good of humanity or for one-upping Australia. A true educator at heart, Allision’s data origin story involves transitioning from Mechanical Engineering into education, first with languages in Spain and then with all things data on the other side of the world in New Zealand proving that with the right data skills, you really can go places.

In addition, we hear about her other passion: meditative free diving. Recently certified as a Four Start Advanced Master freediver, Allison can reach depths of 32 meters on a single lung full of air (don’t try this at home).  On the topic of freediving, Rob shares a Pop Collie anecdote, and we have a good laugh at the wiliness of the Collie family in pranking the younger generation. How? No spoilers here. You’ll have to listen to find out this and more on today’s episode.

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