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Feb 15, 2022

Hello friends! Today we welcome one of the big guns of analytics to our show, Diego Oppenheimer. He is an entrepreneur, product developer, co-founder of Algorithmia, Microsoft alumni, rugby aficionado, and current Executive Vice President at DataRobot.

Nothing is off the table in this romp through topics that run the gambit from machine learning to quantum computing. Even string theory gets a mention. Make sure you have had your coffee for this one, though, as the conversation takes a technical turn not often seen on this show. Rob and Tom engage with Diego in a lively debate on complexity versus flexibility of tools. Shockingly, this guest manages to tweak a host’s nose (through no fault of his own as times and DBA roles have changed and evolved).

Today’s conversations with Diego have inspired a new classification of the data gene: data enthusiasm. This rare variation is not often seen in the public sector but allows people like Diego to brazenly assert to business owners and stakeholders that he can show you things about your business you don’t even know . . . and be completely accurate.

Buckle up and crank this one up. You won’t want to miss a single minute as the data gets raw.

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