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Jun 28, 2022

Hello Friends! On today’s episode, P3 Adaptive’s Director of Client Services, Bill Sundwall stops by the metaphorical watercooler to talk shop, software, and pets. We get an inside peek at the P3 Adaptive hiring process as well as some interesting insight on the potential super-secret code word for imaginary bonus points in the interview/testing process.  Most importantly, this episode goes where no other episode has gone before by bringing in detail on the elusive skills of communication between the different types of stakeholders in your company: the knowledge workers and the people in tech.  Bill hypothesizes that you don’t have to know a lot about a person to think through how they process application software, you just need to cognitively empathize with what they are going through in the process.

Podcast First/ Bonus Audio: Mid-episode the recording grinds to a halt due to a dog attack! No trigger warning is necessary, there will be no film footage at 6 and we don’t even get the gory, gut-wrenching details. We do, however, get the story of a man, his family, and some pets in need of advocacy and a good home. Through this story, we learn that our host, Rob, can hang with the big dogs, get bitten, and not get his feelings hurt. He is fine, the dog is fine, and the family will continue to foster/rescue more animals in need. P3 Adaptive truly is a wild place to work!

As always, if you enjoy the episode, be sure to leave us a review. If you were moved by the story of Bailey’s lake escapade and are interested in fostering or adopting a pet in need, reach out to your local animal shelter or rescue group!

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