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Jul 12, 2022

As we continue to share the personal stories of the exceptional people who make up P3 Adaptive, today’s guest is a little less visible in the company, not because of his skills or reputation, but because he is not a member of our visible client services team. Alex Sanabria is a member of the GroDiv team here. His team is on the backend, taking care of marketing, digital assets, and all things PR. While he may not be the public face of P3, he perfectly embodies the spirit. He is scrappy, dedicated, determined, and most of all, he has a big heart to bring to any challenge. Today, we are bringing you the story of a man from a humble background who followed his family’s advice and struck out to make his own luck. And make his luck he has.

As our Digital Marketing Architect, Alex puts the adaptive in P3 Adaptive. With a long history of just-in-time training and dedication to skills acquisition, he has made it his business to learn whatever skill is necessary to get the job done without waiting around for someone else. He is self-taught and capable of finding outside-the-box solutions and is often finishing the project while others are still spooling up. His motto: Interaction leads to opportunities.

While we hope you enjoy this episode, we also hope that these personal stories let you see the people behind the reputation. At P3 Adaptive, we are and always will be people first. If you are looking to make a change and have crazy skills in the Power Platform, take a look at our careers page. Perhaps the next great story we share will be yours!

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