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Aug 16, 2022

Today, we bring you a little something different, in this episode, we focus not on people, but on the software itself. Today, we create the Software Hall of Fame, set the rules, and get down to building the inaugural class with special guest Coner Cunningham. Coner’s multi-decade software skill set combined with his fun personality makes him a perfect fit to be the final member of the initial tribunal of software critics. This tribunal will step up to fill a long-standing void in an episode that will run the gamut of emotions: Joy, anger, exasperation, and maybe even a little zen. Shockingly, this episode may even set a record for the most words spoken during an episode by co-host Thomas LaRock due to the sheer volatility of the topic at hand.  

The rules are simple, to be approved the nominees must be a product (can be free but cannot be a protocol), be software, and be judged on three criteria: Novelty, Difficulty, and Impact. To be inducted, the product must achieve an overall score of four points or higher.

As a bonus, we have compiled the software and have curated a special website just for this episode. It is a work in progress and you should be able to submit your feedback on our choices by leaving comments, questions, concerns, and/or character assassinations.

Since no Hall of Fame episode would be complete without a sports reference (or two) Rob also includes sage wisdom concerning what constitutes a sport . . . or what SHOULD constitute a sport worthy of watching on TV. Some of those choices are sure to be more controversial than the software picks so be sure to listen to the end and see if your favorite sport made the cut and which could make the cut by implementing paintball snipers. It is sure to be surprising!

As always, if you enjoy this episode, connect with us on social media to be a part of the conversation and to recommend future guests and topics.

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