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Mar 1, 2022

Today on Raw Data by P3 Adaptive, we check in with past guest Matt Selig of @Barkeeperfriend to see how post-project implementation is going.  In this visit, Matt brings coworker Christina Roark, Controller and VP of Digital Marketing, to discuss using Power BI to create visual stories to create a social media marketing department and fine-tuning inventory reporting -- in the middle of a pandemic -- to bolster continued growth. While no plan survives its initial implementation both Matt and Chrissy assure us that the Power Platform is more than a match for anything that 2022 can throw at it. Listen in as they discuss the common threads in business growth during a global pandemic: good product and exceptionally agile BI.

While other companies were struggling to bubble up insight, the team at Bar Keepers Friend was using rapid prototyping to discover areas of opportunity and to triage existing data processes and management. As Chrissy put it, you must take care of your data before it gets to the software if you want the reporting to be accurate. Dashboards will bring issues to light, internal issues with processes that you must fix for people to rely on reports and dashboards.

Want to know more? Read the BKF / P3 Adaptive Case Study Here.


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