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May 3, 2022

Today we welcome the newest member of the P3 Adaptive family, Liz Rogers as she shares her relentless pursuit to find a better way. Liz’s story highlights the rarest hybrid data type yet, those with a self-sufficient mindset who are translators between the process/tech and the customer/user experience. This data type truly focuses on improvement across all segments. Her passion for figuring it out brought about both immediate, visible impact and scalability to every position in her career.

Throughout today’s talk, Liz highlights the most persistent of data traits, she has always insisted on having the opportunity (and the ability) to try, fail, and then figure it out. Often, in a business setting, too many people focus only on success and frown upon the failures that are hyper-critical to the learning process. Without the opportunity to fail, however, you end up with people who want to be baby bird-fed data who lose the desire to utilize the most incredible, self-service tools of the Power Platform. These are the opportunities where the puzzle solvers thrive when people like Liz grow and evolve into true Power Platform superheroes.

You won’t want to miss this episode!

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