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Jun 21, 2022

Hello friends! Today we welcome a dynamic duo to the show, Denise Trabona and Adam Harmetz of Microsoft’s SharePoint team, and they take us through the extraordinary 10 + year evolution of SharePoint from the frustratingly chaotic farms of the past to the streamlined, user-friendly UX of the future.  Both Denise and Adam were part of the historical transformation from a lumbering, haphazard platform to a sexy platform showpiece. This evolution has earned SharePoint the record for the fastest Microsoft product to reach a billion in revenue. In its current incarnation, end-user design has reached its pinnacle.

But that isn’t all, not only has SharePoint evolved, but its reach has also expanded. Statistically, nearly 1 in 10 developers in the world have coded on top of SharePoint, which is a phenomenal statistic. Even more incredible is the fact that if you search LinkedIn, approximately 1.6 million people list SharePoint as a skill on their resume or profile. This makes it self-evident that SharePoint has moved from a state of potential complexity implosion to near utopia.

Also in this episode, Rob asks the questions that so many of us have wanted to ask and we hear it from the experts, the difference between SharePoint and OneDrive has to do with the expected use case. OneDrive is more person and SharePoint is, well, shared. Finally, this episode becomes an ad-hoc SharePoint therapy session for our own host, Rob Collie as he airs his pent-up frustrations and embraces the newer, better, faster SharePoint.  You almost have to ask yourself if this SharePoint will finally tempt Rob away from Dropbox??

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