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Apr 5, 2022

On today’s episode, self-described accountant by trade and a problem solver by passion, Fran Reed of Freedup Data Optics shares how she uses her data bending skills to remove the frustration of working with an on-premises accounting software build. Fran is one of the rare go-betweens of the Power Platform and Intuit’s Quickbooks. She makes easy work of bridging the gap between numbers and decision-makers to design the best solution for both her large and small business clientele. With the ability of Power Query to cleanse and transform data to the perfect format for the transition to QuickBooks, the low/free entry cost and Fran’s recommendation may just tip the scale to bringing more small businesses to the fold.

Fran also shares her data origin story. While she has always been a numbers person, Fran developed an early appreciation of software and took the first opportunity to transition away from the antiquated accounting technology of the past like Micro Fiche machines and Exacto knife/scotch tape corrections to computational files and automated calculations.

Beware, however, that today’s episode may also result in a few laughs as host, Rob Collie drops the mother of all Dad Jokes. You do not want to miss this episode.

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