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Jul 19, 2022

With a background in finance and a history of great communication and a passion for problem-solving, Ed Hansberry, an Assistant Director with P3 Adaptive, embodies the spirit of P3 Adaptive.

Ed was recently awarded his 13th Microsoft MVP Award so of course, we wanted to know more about his achievement, his passions, his adaptability, and most of all, his insights on change so we invited him to join us today for a chat. Early on, in the conversation, Rob and Ed delve into defining change and that led to a lively discussion on the process of change, the successful process of change, and the difference between them. Here’s a hint, it’s always the people! Knowing that people drive success, Ed extensively volunteers his time in the Microsoft Power BI User Community supporting users around the world with problems and questions around Power BI and, since he has been recognized as a Super User by Microsoft, we really can say that helping people is his superpower. He is leading change one question at a time.

This episode isn’t just about change, though, the evolution of technology and software is embedded throughout the conversation from cube functions to the hidden power of the innocuously named OLAP dropdown in Excel. And finally, we get some great insight on formerly cutting-edge technology that has since gone obsolete. We hear a firsthand account of the tragic end of the Microsoft phone.  You never know what you will learn when the conversation starts to flow.

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