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Thanks for listening to Raw Data By P3 Adaptive...Have a Data Day!

Feb 9, 2021

Bill Jelen, known to many as Mr. Excel, was one of the first Internet Tech Celebrities. He turned his online resume into a highly recognizable brand and is a legend in the data community.
We get his story, in his own words.  We hope you'll enjoy this candid conversation with Mr. Excel, Bill Jelen
Buy Bill's book Mr.Excel 2021: Unmasking Excel, containing his favorite Excel tips!
Stuff We Mentioned:
Hipster Ipsum Copy Filler Tool
Dax Studio
We Report Space-Bill's Other Website!
Rob's Wheel Of Inquisition
Episode Timeline:
  • 3:15 - Mr. Excel's Origin Story
  • 18:05 - The Excel vs Power BI user base
  • 35:35 - Dax is Badass! <and PQ too>
  • 47:25 - Lambda Functions in Excel, Mr. Excel asks some Python questions, and Rob gets cynical
  • 1:16:50 - Bill's other passion We Report Space and the story of Tickling Keys
  • 1:28:30 - More on Lambda functions and Let functions and the immense potential there