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Apr 12, 2022

Mapping the Road to Innovation, w/ Mike Reynolds

On Today’s episode special guest Mike Reynolds defines digital product and the genius behind InnovateMap. Mike explains that businesses must go digital if they touch a consumer or risk losing relevance. While most consumer-facing companies have embraced this tenant, many B2B companies just haven’t accepted this yet and those who have are advancing quicker than ever.

Rob and Mike also discuss Covid bonding and the pattern analytics that helped companies ride the storm. Revisiting the past couple of difficult years, the takeaway is clear, Covid19 was a wake-up call for businesses to expand their digital product and their office flexibility.

Finally, Mike, Rob, and Tom discuss the great remote work migration and why it works for some and not for others, and the future of remote work.

As an added bonus, during the conversation, Rob shares the history of Mullet Man and his connection to Mike and InnovateMap. You too can learn how the great icon of Raw Data by P3 Adaptive was created.

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