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Apr 19, 2022

In this episode, we break down the newest phrase to come out of the Power Platform this year with James Oleinik, Director of Project Management with Microsoft. His team owns the experience for PowerApps, and he joins us to define Dataverse and explain how it is integrated to create a seamless data transfer across all Microsoft products. Using simple language, he provides insight on the low code platform that provides the scaffolding to connect, import, and integrate a wide variety of a company’s data. According to James, all data is Dataverse data, and anyone can be a low code developer!

James clarifies that Dataverse is not SQL and could never be just storage. Instead, it is the framework, management and logic you need to create structured access to your data estate and the ability to build much-needed apps on top of it.

Don’t worry if you aren’t up on the lingo, Host Rob Collie breaks it down to Power BI comparisons before we learn about exciting developments in Virtual tables and Power Effects. You heard it first on Raw Data by P3 Adaptive, the Excel language and the VBA surface of yesterday is the Dataverse Table Power Effects and Power Apps of tomorrow.

Join us today as we go into the Dataverse and beyond!

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