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Thanks for listening to Raw Data By P3 Adaptive...Have a Data Day!

Oct 20, 2020

Chris Finlan is a Principal Program Manager on the Microsoft Power BI team, the creator of the popular and incredibly adorable mascot Paginated Report Bear, and a huge Philadelphia sports fan.  We try very hard not to hold that last item against him!  He's done it all, from the product team to pre-sales, technical training, database administration and sales operations.  Tom is off this week, so P3 Senior Principal Consultant Justin Mannhardt steps in to fill the void.  The guys cover quite a bit, including:
  • Working in sales vs engineering
  • Power BI, Paginated reports and SSRS; What are the differences?
  • How to make friends after a certain age
  • Seattle area COVID reactions
  • Can someone cheat at Scrabble and still lose?
  • Ignite announcements, Premium Gen 2 and the premium per user license, the differences between Pro and Premium options, and Rob has some fun with Chris about some pricing