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Thanks for listening to Raw Data By P3 Adaptive...Have a Data Day!

May 24, 2022

Hello Friends! On today’s episode, Johnny Winter of Greyskull Analytics shares his exciting story of transformation from mild-mannered bartender to human ETL machine and beyond. As is often the story, the data drudgery of manual processes triggered his data gene which in turn brought about his hidden power of BI, and Greyskull Analytics was born. Johnny speaks candidly about moving up through the ranks from fresh Excel apprentice (to in-house, grumpy Excel guru) and the side quests that inspired him to chart his own path to data mastery. His abhorrence of blindly following instructions led him to always seek a better, more logical path of data stewardship.

This episode delivers a lively commentary on pop culture references as well as opportunities to hear about the inner workings of transitioning from SSAS, T-SGL, and PL-SQL as well as at least one SAP reference. You better get your notepad out to keep up with all the letters flying around. Don’t worry, though, it is a very grounded look at all the different methods of storing, accessing, and analyzing data . . . but without the repetitive work. Buckle up and prepare for the time of your life as Rob and Tom bring us another episode with the Power of BI!

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