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Dec 6, 2022

Today, Nicole Janeway Bills, community organizer for Data Strategy Professionals, stops by with the inner scoop on data training, cryptocurrency, tokens, scandal, fraud, and the trauma of moving. At the time of recording, Nicole was an employee of FTX. During the podcast, she shared tales of last-minute relocations and the expense of attaining career goals right as an unraveling began. As a full-stack engineer with an exceptional data background, Nicole was able to find the bright side of her incomplete move by utilizing the extra time she discovered to further assist others with their certifications.

Among the topics discussed in this episode, Rob and Nicole delve into the perceptions of data people, developers, and engineers. They determine that, historically, having the data gene anecdotally meant you weren’t on the leadership team. Some data professionals were even told to stop talking about data and spreadsheets to move up. Fortunately, times have changed, and a seismic shift has been made to encourage data proficiency for all levels of an organization.  

Additionally, just for fun, Nicole shares a subtle meeting tip: Forget Rob’s Scotty Principle on looking busy/important, go with the lunch principle. Eat during the meeting to show that you are working very hard the rest of the day! If that doesn’t work, go with the field principle. Roll up your sleeves for the same effect!

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