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Aug 30, 2022

Today we welcome David McKinnis of Tech DNA to the show. David is Microsoft alumni from the days before the development of Darwin, the software that revolutionized install, uninstall, and repair for Windows-supported programs. Prior to Rob and Dave’s work on Darwin, software installation was a long and cumbersome project that often-included multiple floppy disks and the patience of a saint and Windows uninstall was rarely considered. Post Darwin, those tasks are often taken for granted. While the development process was bug-riddled, the result was reliable performance, seamless integration, and several great stories.

This episode isn’t all about software and development though, we already did our first Software Hall of Fame episode. This is about the people behind the process and their trials and tribulations. To understand those stories, we must pull back the curtain on the ever-evolving internal development process of Microsoft and shine a light on what goes on behind the conference room doors.

Also today, David and Rob reminisce about how Rob was ambushed in a meeting by a rival development team. That team came prepared with multiple handouts explaining why Rob’s project sucked. Don’t worry, they also share the resolution of the story and how fate (and the Fed) intervened on Rob’s behalf to salvage the program . . . and Rob’s credibility.   That is a story you won’t want to miss, and it is only found here, on Raw Data by P3 Adaptive. 

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